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The Faces of the Discarnate Spirit

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Learning to Draw - First Steps for Beginners!

​​18 November 2022 - Live and Online from the comfort of your home

BEGINNERS LEVEL 1-2 -3 Masterclass

I teach students worldwide on how to draw Spirit faces. Students who have never drawn before are amazed by one class how much they learn and apply newfound skills to their art.  I work in a layer-by-layer format which is teaching students a step-by-step process.  Levels 1, 2 and 3 are now bookable as a one-time, 2 hour private masterclass either a date/time of your preferred timezone as a mentorship student, or bookable below on the 19 August 2023.

Level 1 - 45 minutes (first step drawings) important to start to build confidence

Level 2 - 45 minutes (free flow drawings) important to get angles, shading correct

Level 3 - 30 minutes (story building + faces) important to apply speed and facial character building

Professional tuition from Artist Medium: Anne-Marie Bond DSNU


This level is completed via the 4 weeks mentorship scheme or in the once a year online workshop.  This will help you gain confidence in your drawing and speaking at the same time.  Practice my three ways to demonstrate and discover which method suits you better.  Bring your preferred drawing materials and be prepared to work! Join this level if you are comfortable at drawing 'spirit portraits' and want to practice the art of speaking and drawing at the same time.

19 August 2023

Level 1-2 First Steps to Drawing Spirit Portraiture and finessing your work.

Level: Mixed Levels - and
suitable for complete beginners.

Teacher: Anne-Marie Bond TAP.Dip

Spirit Art Mediumship Online Course
Drawing Spirit Portraits and Combining Mediumship.png




Learn How To Combine Spirit Portraiture with Mediumship

6.00pm - 8.30pm


Online via ZOOM

28 September 2023



Level: Beginners to Advanced

No matter your level, the Spirit Portraiture workshop is a great place to begin developing your skills as a Spirit Artist Medium.  Get in touch if you are a working medium and wish to apply spirit art to your reporitore. The mentorship will suit you if you are self-taught and wish for guidance on creating a more dynamic style to your art. I accept and welcome complete beginners, matchstick drawers to those more advanced.

I take only a handful of students for the Spirit Portraiture Mentorship as I teach Mediumship and Public Speaking to a
larger group of students.

 start enhancing your art, pop over to the Spirit Portraiture Mentorship and start the process.

You will find that the prices of my mentorships, masterclasses and workshops all contain a professionally run application and content delivery to support your growth.  I value your time and investment and will always go above and beyond for my students.  Currently having over 400 feedback comments feel free to check out what people say about my teaching.

  This maybe the final year before I take a break to pursue more art development, so if you're thinking of starting, get in now!

FS Church Spirit Portrait 1_edited.jpg
Auragraph Spirit Guide AFC.jpg
Spirit Portrait - Debby Took.jpg
Alan Grandad Comparison.jpg
Spirit Portrait Drawn Live.jpg
spirit portrait comparison.jpg
Black and White.jpg
Watercolour Portrait_🎨_————-_This is a portrait of a visitor in my head, no photo to look
Electra Blue.jpg
I loved working on this piece although longer to finish than first expected. 6 h

Spiritualist Medium, Teacher, Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach and Spiritual Visionary Artist.

Anne-Marie Bond TAP.Dip, DSNU

Anne-Marie is a leading Spirit Portrait Artist and well respected. She is a tutor you can trust to develop your learning at the right pace and provide more information you would get from books. Learn her favourite way to begin setting the scene to work with the world unseen to learning how to practice away from others. Develop your skills as a Spirit Portrait artist from the first mark as a complete beginner. Novices and those with more skills wishing to come back for a refresher are also welcome.​

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