The Final Message 

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Entry Level: Mixed Levels

20 August 2022

5pm-6.30pm UK BST   via ZOOM


The Final Message

Welcome to the The Final Message Mediumship Online Workshop


Held on Zoom, students across the world can join and learn a skill or practice the skills they have with other students to perfect their ability to provide spiritual messages with more presence of the communicator when providing the final message.

This is a taster workshop created to allow you the opportunity to work on your 'message' to provide a more profound way to end the contact by letting the communicator speak.


While we know the entire contact can be the message itself i.e., I made it,  depending on the relationship, the communicator may want to leave by adding positive or encouraging words to their loved one. However, how often do mediums end with, "there's no message really, "... so take their love.

The most moving part of the contact could be the 'final message,' what the communicator wants to relay before stepping back. How they communicate their message can uplift (even if it causes emotions) the recipient. Perhaps the communicator was their best friend, and should the recipient be experiencing tough times, just leave with 'they are just saying hello. Would that be a realistic experience for the recipient?


If you surrendered and allowed the communicator to provide the words with the feelings as their interpreter without embelishing with your own words or ideas could make the recipient feel their friend or loved one one speaking directly to their heart.  Wouldn't a true Soul to Soul connection be made?


The saying of 'From Spirit - Through Spirit - To Spirit' really comes to play not only in the entire contact but the final message is the bow tying it up beautifuly.  The gift you offer the recipient is to hear from their loved one, family member or friend by the ending message can be super uplifting and powerful.


Come and practice how to end your contacts with the words the Spirit communicator truly wants to express and thus your entire contact will be more beautiful, more meaningful and much deeper.


  • Presentation Talk

  • Students pract

  • via Zoom

Tutor: Anne-Marie Bond TAP.Dip DSNU

Newly Appointed AFC Tutor

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Anne-Marie Bond TAP.Dip, DSNU

Spiritualist Medium, Teacher, Speaker, Author, Mentor, Coach and Spiritual Visionary Artist.