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Book a 15 minutes private appointment to talk about anything you want. You can have a chat about any subject you like or ask questions to find out where you are at with your spiritual work.


A friendly ear on the other end of the phone is what I am offering. I may not have all the answers but I can listen and provide guidance to support the clarity you may need.  It could be anything to support you finding peace and clarity.  If feeling lonely and would like someone to speak to, then no problem, should you want to practice on me, a tarot reading, or a skill you're developing and want TRUE feedback, good or bad, I will be open to that also.


Some clients book to discuss how to get back on the their spiritual path where others simply want to ask me about how I work and the materials I use.

This is not a psychic reading or mediumship session. If you want to talk about your spiritual work but don't' know where to begin, I will start by asking you a few questions to initially unfold the answers from within you.


The Power of Words in a conversation can be highly supportive.


I will work intuitively, and at times refer to my spirit team should there be a need to go deeper.

The session:  via Telephone (Facebook or WhatsApp call will suffice) 


Due to my busy schedule I now offer this as addition due to finding it easier for people to book my time as I rarely have 'free or spare time'.

Don't suffer alone, a problem aired is a problem shared.  Once booked below, I'll send you a few dates to choose from and the office number to call.

15 mins: Booked to suit your timetable during the day, or evenings Monday to Friday.  You may book double sessions if you think you'll need it.

Image by Elena Koycheva


Do you have a quick question? 

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Private and Confidential Spiritual Advisor Discussion Q/A


15 mins

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